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Highlights of the APRIL 2015 Issue


Ancient Grains on the Menu at Holy Names


When foodservice management company Epicurean Group held one of its culinary development team meetings, someone mentioned starting an ancient grains program.

Rufino Quicho, food and beverage operations manager at Holy Names University in Oakland, Calif., one of the company’s clients, decided that his school would be the perfect one to launch the program. “I saw a little spark in my executive chef’s eye when it came up,” he said. “That is the project we took the reins on. One of the things that makes this university stand out is that it has been recognized as the most diverse university in Northern California. Knowing the students that we have and knowing the conversations that we have had with them in our food meetings and other things like that, this is the perfect crowd to start this program with.” ...

Cornell Promotes Fruits and Vegetables


Cornell Promotes Fruits and VegetablesAfter a successful “5 Days” Special Diet Challenge last year, Cornell Dining at Cornell University in Ithaca, N.Y., recently ran a successful follow-up called “Have You Had Your 5 Today?”

While the first 5 Days challenge dealt with giving frontline staff firsthand experience with living on a special diet for a week, this year’s program was designed to motivate students and staff to eat more fruits and vegetables.

“We wanted something that was a little more accessible, something that we were already serving, and we really thought it would be great if we could expand it to students and staff,” said Michele Lefebvre, RD, CDN, director, Nutrition Management at Cornell Dining. “Last year, we had just the 30-40 managers and chefs that participated. Our main goal this year was to get students involved. As I was thinking about how to get students involved, I thought, ‘What would be foods that are accessible to them every day?’” ...

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OSU Using Technology To Help Students Make Choices


OSU Using Technology To Help Students Make ChoicesIf students at Oklahoma State University (OSU) in Stillwater want to eat healthy, or find out what foods served on campus meet their special dietary needs, all they have to do is check their smartphones or a computer.

“Today’s millennial student is really a digital native,” said Dining Services Director Terry Baker. “They like to engage with technology, and in order to engage them, we wanted to give them all of the opportunities that we can to get them to make wise and healthy choices.”

Dining Services has used NetNutrition from CBORD to allow students to find the info. “They are able to find, filter and track their nutrition for the day,” said Nutrition Coordinator Cass Ring. “If they have certain food allergies, they can go to one of the dining locations on campus, filter out that allergen and find out what is available for them to eat there. If they are looking for healthy options, we have a program that is called Choose Orange, and that helps students identify healthy options with a logo. They can also filter out just those healthy options that are in those locations. It is the same if they are looking for vegan or vegetarian options. It gives students a tool to be able to find what they are looking for.”“...


C/STORES ON CAMPUS: UALBANY Opens Renovated 518 Market


UALBANY Opens Renovated 518 MarketAs part of a very large campus center revitalization project at the University at Albany in New York, the 518 Market in the center underwent a major renovation.

The renovation was necessary because the new plans for the campus center meant that the door to the market, which was previously on the south side of the space, had to be moved to the east side of the facility. “That was the ‘have-to-do’ component to it,” said Stephen Pearse, executive director, University Auxiliary Services at Albany, Inc. “The other part of it was just that the store was a bit tired and it needed to be brought up to speed. And, considering the fact that we are going to go through this large renovation of the entire campus center space, in addition to building a west and east addition to the campus center, it wouldn’t make sense to have everything else come up to speed brand new and have the 518 Market be left behind.” ...

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COMPLIMENTS OF THE CHEF: Audrey Dobson-Maliangos


Audrey Dobson-MaliangosWhen Audrey Dobson-Maliangos, Executive Chef II, On-site Service Solutions with Sodexo at Liberty University in Lynchburg, Va., was a child, she thought she was going to be a doctor. But genetics may have gotten in the way.

“I was an Army brat and my father cooked in the Army,” she said. “His mother was a household cook for a family. From that early age, I didn’t know, but I was always very curious about cooking.”

In high school, it was her responsibility after attending school, running track and working a part-time job, to come home and cook family meals. “I used to just grab recipes and try them out,” said Dobson-Maliangos. “I found out in high school that they actually had a culinary program, and I enrolled in it.”

That culinary program was quite extensive. “We had an industrial kitchen and ran a little restaurant out of it,” she said. “We served the faculty. I also worked a part-time job in a small restaurant under the recommendation of one of the chefs that instructed me in high school. I started working at around 15 as a prep cook. I learned a lot. My early foundation was strong culinary wise.”...

She enjoys working in college dining. “We focus on the same quality as the other areas focus on,” said Dobson-Maliangos. “I actually love having the more one-on-one interaction with the students here. In this atmosphere, you really get instantaneous feedback on how you are doing, as opposed to when you are working in a hotel, and you are behind the scenes and you don’t get to see the customer unless you are directly out there with them. The feedback you get on how well you are doing is usually second or third hand. Here, students will let you know how you are doing instantaneously.”




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      by Lisa Eberhart RD, LDN, CDE