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Around the Campus

                  Liberty University Celebrates Student Employees

Liberty University Dining Ser-                         among other significant honors.              favorite retail outlets as well.
    vices by Sodexo in Lynchburg,                          All student employees received cou-          “We recognize that our student
Va., recently celebrated Student Em-
ployee Appreciation Day by giving                      pons for extra meals on campus in resi-      employees have extremely busy lives
hand-written letters to all student                    dent dining locations and coupons for        and schedules, and we are so grate-
employees thanking them for their                                                                   ful for that time and effort that they
time and effort.                                                                                    put into the dining program here
                                                                                                    on campus, and we are more than
    “This is a great way to recognize                                                               delighted to honor them,” said Unit
our hard-working student employ-                                                                    Marketing Specialist Ryan Wheeler.
ees,” said Sodexo District Manager                                                                  “This story is important, as we want
Anthony Delligatti. “Balancing work                                                                 to showcase that student employees
and a full-time school schedule is no                                                               are a tremendous help to any dining
easy task, and each student employee                                                                program across the country, and we
has shown that they can accomplish                                                                  at Liberty Dining Services see the
this. These traits are very important life                                                      value in giving back to them for all the
skills, and I am positive that our student                                                      hard work and time that they pour into
employees will be very successful in all                                                        dining on campus.”
their endeavors.”
                                                            The Fork Awakens at SUNY Cortland
    According to Delligatti, student em-
ployee dedication and commitment to                    To kick off finals week with a bit of fun, Dining Services at the State University
providing the best service possible to                     of New York College at Cortland held Star Wars, The Fork Awakens at the
dining guests has enabled Liberty Uni-                 Bistro Live in the Student Life Center on May 4, 2016.
versity to achieve for two years running
“Best Dining Hall” by,                    Customers were treated to lightsaber pretzels, the Force Awakens smoothies
                                                       and Princess Leia cinnamon buns. Although “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” is
      SHOW SCHEDULE                                    the seventh episode of the series and is set 30 years after Return of the Jedi, fans
                                                       of all ages enjoyed the Star Wars-themed food. May the fork be with you!
                   OCTOBER 9-12

              JW Marriott Indianapolis
                  Indianapolis, Ind.

   National Association of College Auxiliary Services

             OCTOBER 15-18
Boston Convention and Exhibition Center

              Boston, Mass.
         800-877-1600, ext.482
   Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics

                 OCTOBER 18-21
                   NACS SHOW
         Georgia World Conference Center
                   Atlanta, Ga.
   Association for Convenience and Fuel Retailing
(formerly National Association of Convenience Stores)

                NOVEMBER 13-15

              RESTAURANT SHOW)
        Jacob K. Javits Convention Center

                 New York, N.Y.
   American Hotel & Lodging Association/Hotel
Association of NYC/NY State Hospitality & Tourism
    Association/Hospitality Media Group LLC

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